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Above you can check our most popular categories of Free SVG Files. Feel free to browse through our selection of designs available in SVG, DXF and PNG formats. All our SVG designs are available completely for free and for personal usage. Discover the quality and variety we have to offer. Each week you can pick a number of free SVG designs from our website. No strings attached!

Download Free SVG Files for Cricut & Silhouette

Download and print any free SVG for Cricut, Silhouette or your preferred die cutting machine.
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SVG files, or Scalable Vector Graphics, are a specific type of image file that can be downloaded and scaled, or resized, without losing resolution. Ideal for simple graphics, such as logos and icons, SVGs are the preferred file for working with Cricut, Silhouette and other die cutting machines and design software for your DIY project, such as t-shirts, decals, pillows and more. Vector graphics are generally used for graphic design, art, and other digital creation such as logos, renderings, and animation. Download exclusive, free SVG files from and get your DIY on.


There are main reasons why you should consider using SVG designs to decorate your party favors. First, SVG designs help tie together the theme of a party and make it all cohesive. Remember, the best way to make a party real and enjoyable is to pay attention to the little details. Instead of having bland party favors like store-bought cups and balloons, using SVG designs help make the party favors pop! Second, printing your own SVG designs is much cheaper compared to having them printed outside.

Choosing the best SVG design for giveaways is such an enjoyable task because you’ll be able to exercise your creativity and imagination. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself unwilling to buy store-bought party favors ever again in the future! Why buy boring and generic giveaways when you can design them and make them unique and truly eye-catching? You might be able to buy the best toys for babies, but the personalized gift and giveaways with our SVG designs will be something kids would love to have.

Our main goal is to design digital files that can be used for vinyl crafts, scrapbooking, papercraft, screenprints, and so on.


The size of our Free SVG Files can be increased or decreased without any loss of quality. SVG Cut Files are a file type that can be scaled to use with Cricut, Silhouette and other SVG Cutting Machines.Each of our Free downloads includes a Free SVG file, PNG and DXF. We hope you can find what you need for your cutting projects. Visitors to our site use our files on adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl (HTV), card stock and scrap booking.

Do you often find yourself needing to convert an SVG file into a PNG? Have no fear, we’ve got your back!
We have some of the best free SVG files around. All these are available in multiple formats and work with Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Design Studio, meaning you can cut them out as a shape without having to convert an image file from PNG to SVG first.

 Most Popular Categories of Free SVG files

Disney Free SVG Files:

This collection contains many digital files related to Disney like: Minnie Mouse svg, Mickey Mouse svg, Disney castle svg, Disney princess svg, Beauty and the beast svg, Little mermaid svg, ariel svg, Cinderella svg, Lilo and stitch svg, Frozen svg and much more content. You can get Free SVGs for own machine/software like Cricut, Silhouette, Heat Press Printing or Screen Printing Machine projects.

Movies Free SVG Files:

This collection contains digital files related to the most popular Movies like: Harry Potter svg, Star Wars svg, Jurassic Park svg, The GodFather svg, and much more SVGs Free. These Vector Graphics are offered to you in formats that are compatible with Silhouette Studio Standard Edition, Silhouette Designer Edition, Silhouette Business Edition, and Cricut Design Space. Our digital products are formatted in SVG, PNG and DXF versions for your needs so that you can apply them for any of your craft projects.

Love Free SVG Files:

Love SVG files are graphical files that can be used for example with Silhouette Cameo or Cricut machines. The size of love free SVG files can be increased or decreased without compromising a bit of quality. These SVG files can be used also on adhesive vinyl, heat transfer T-shirts, or any other cutting surface. These will be the best choice to be presented to your loved ones or for the one you want to show affection.

Hearts Free SVG Files:

Hearts SVG files can be used in all your love projects. These layered SVG files were initially designed for Circuit, but they can work with a variety of electronic cutting mechanics. You can create your own special events projects and love themed ideas with these adorable unique designs. They also include loving and caring quotes and that can be added in your Do It Yourself projects. Printed on shirts or other accessories will be a great gift for your loved one. The design and craft of these SVG files show affection and loyalty.

Arrows Free SVG Files:

These arrow SVG files are great because you can use them for special purposes in your projects. They can also be used with monograms, names, and other patterns. Arrows SVG can be combined with other SVG to develop different meanings. Most of the time the arrow SVG is used for a sign or indication but it is also combined with the hearth SVG describing a feeling of extreme love of a broken heart. They are developed with a sense of creativity and will definitely give a charm wherever you use them.

Flowers Free SVG Files:

Discover our exclusive collection of free flowers SVG files to add attraction to your projects and unique collections. Our free SVG flower designs do not just consist of flowers but also include the leaves, grass and meadows. The flowers SVG files are best for different events and can be used at any platform that supports SVG files format. These SVG files are widely being used as icons or logos by most of the floral and gardening websites. They give a professional look to the site and attract people to visit it. Otherwise you can use this files for different craft projects.

Sunflower Free SVG Files:

Our SVG sunflower files are summarized using original digital artwork in SVG, and other major formats. These well-crafted sunflower SVG files can be used for mechanics such as Circuit and Silhouette. These are also compatible with other mechanics that can read the SVG format. Most of these are cuttable SVG files that provide you with the benefit of modifying it according to your need. Sunflower SVG files are also an excellent design element for graphic projects and web designs and are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Affinity Designer, and other vector software that open SVG files.

Christmas Free SVG Files:

The Christmas SVG files are also mostly compatible with Silhouette Cameo and Cricut and can be used during Christmas to adore t-shirts, plates, mugs, gifts, and other decorations. These are perfect for your Do It Yourself projects, giveaways, and gifts. They are considered as one of the best choices for customization planners. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and you can make this time memorable by using this stylish SVG and spending happiness and quality time with your family. They will give a pleasant look to your gifts, clothes and especially your Christmas tree.

Unicorn Free SVG Files:

Unicorn SVG files mostly work well with the commonly used cutting mechanics including Silhouette Cameo, Circut, and others. Most of the designs come with a black layer and the attractive colors are added on the top. These SVG files will be a great addition in your unique collection, cutting files, and craftwork. They will never go out of style and will suit every combination. The colorful versions can be used for shirts and small ornaments. These unicorn SVG files have a lot of mixes and match possibilities and the unique beauty of this SVG is like no others.